About Us

Mission Statement:

The Epic Drive was created for automobile enthusiasts  sharing in the familyhood of an "off-the-beaten" path tour to discover  scenic and unique roads while they enjoy the love of their automobiles  past and present.

Epic Drive Bylaws

#1 - Epic Drive will not be driven on interstates unless needed for  event continuity. Catch up points will be created and unless a  Shenanigan is planned the pre-determined route will be given prior to  each leg.

#2 - No Trailering your vehicle will be allowed.  The intent is to enjoy  your vehicle along with your fellow auto-enthusiast.  Besides  trailering is for wussies.

#3 - Any member of SCCoA, TBU, TCCoA, or MN12 enthusiast may register a  vehicle to drive the Epic Drive and may bring with them family members  and/or friends.  Furthermore, any member of the aforementioned groups  may also vouch for a friend who may also register to drive a vehicle on  the Epic Drive.  

#4 - Any registered participant may attend in any performance based  vehicle of their choosing. However, awards, and mentions are reserved  exclusively for MN12s and FN10s.

#5 - The planned target range of driving per day is 300 miles.  Some  days it may be necessary to bend rule #1 to facilitate the Drive but  this will be avoided if at all possible.  As stated the pre-planned  route with catch-ups and lunch stops will be given at the start of that  days drive leg.  The planned Target total drive amount can be  edited/changed by the committee at will year by year to facilitate the  Epic Drive.

#6 - The Epic Drive will be a maximum 3 day drive usually, starting on a  Friday and ending on Sunday.  Registrants are welcome to drive any  portion of the event to join the group.  The "Go The Distance"  registrants are those that drive all days of the entire event.  The Epic  Drive committee reserves the right to shorten or lengthen the  pre-determined route year by year to facilitate the event as necessary.

#7 - The Epic Drive is intended, but not required, to start or finish at  preferably an auto-enthusiast type of event (car show, dyno day, racing  event) however, the committee reserves the right to start or stop at a  tourist attraction to facilitate the Drive and fun.