"THE-EPIC-DRIVE" and its directors, officers, representatives and employees shall not be liable for any activities that occur during the event, whether involving any of the participants or not. "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" is a purely administrative entity and maintains no direction or control over, nor responsibility for, the actions of the event participants. "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" does not provide and is not responsible for the enforcement of any rules, laws, or regulations. Compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of private individuals, businesses, municipalities and law enforcement is entirely the responsibility of each participant. "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" does not admit any non-registered individuals, nor does "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" in any way accept any responsibility or liability for the actions of any individuals, registered or otherwise. Participants in "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" acknowledge that any form of physical activity has inherent risks, and agree to release and hold "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" harmless from any liability incurred by virtue of their actions or activities. "THE-EPIC-DRIVE" shall not be liable for any medical, property, special or consequential damages nor for any legal consequences resulting from any participant's activity, in any location, engaged upon by any participants.